As a kind server business ...

Step 1

Kindly welcome people of all cultures, faiths, skin colors, genders, economic situations, sexual preferences, abilities, and national origins.

Step 2

Do a little something extra to make someone smile, such as giving a free dessert, sharing a love song, telling a joke, performing a soft shoe dance, or even sharing an inspiring text on a piece of paper. Make it simple and in no way time-consuming, just an experience for customers first to anticipate then to remember as they travel on. For many, these small acts of kindness, usually given face-to-face, will be remembered for years to come.

Step 3

Allow a customer to earn points by scanning the business's code as soon as the app to be used is available.

Step 4

Contribute a prize worth $50 or more every 6 months to Prizes and Surprises, an incentive for visitors to strive for and to choose when they earn enough points. The prize cannot be something that requires money be spent, such as a free haircut when someone buys a perm or buy two dinners and get one free. It may be a gift certificate to your own business, sports attire from your favorite sports team, a weekend getaway at a special RV park, a celebration cake from a bakery, anything at all that you think someone else will like. A mystery box also may be donated as a Surprise as long as we can see what's in it before we offer it.

The $50 value is the minimum required though higher values also are welcome. One member is contributing tickets to a home game of The Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field, a $300 value which, of course, will require more points earned to acquire which means more businesses visited. The grander the prize, and the more people who want it, the more attention your business will be given.

Most importantly, the prize you give should be something you would like to own yourself. This way, you know someone else will enjoy owning it, too. Prizes will begin being collected in December, 2019.

Step 5

Give away Treasure Hunt clues when Treasure Hunts begin.

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