Many years ago I set out by car on a vacation with my four children. At the time the oldest was ten and the youngest was three. While taking a break at a diner in a small town, a kind server said to the oldest, “Would you like some more fries, Honey?” After she was out of earshot, my son asked, “Mom, why is she being so nice?”

That encounter was the beginning of what is being offered to you today, a Global Small Business Registry that gives you more opportunities to be the “kind server” every day. Why should any child ever wonder why someone is being so nice? Why should any adult ever wonder the same? And, if you are a kind person and you own a business, why shouldn’t more people, those who live nearby and those who are traveling through, know how to find you?

By attracting more customers/patients/clients/diners to your business, this Registry called Count on Kindness also is designed to increase your profits. Of course, it is going to take a little time to build as we enroll small businesses state by state and country by country. We are off to a great start. However, when exciting stories about Prizes and Surprises and Treasure Hunts and free trips and new cars, as well as your own warm hospitality, start being shared on social media sites, and readers learn that your business holds the clues to these rewards, the worldwide community we create together will be anything but business as usual.

Please, read on and learn more, then save your place on The Registry today. Together, through our businesses, let’s create an environment where children expect acceptance, kindness, and compassion, and, while doing so, let everyone who uses the Registry know that there are places where they will be noticed, will be heard, and will belong.

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