Welcome to the Count on Kindness Global Small Business Registry! Unlike any directory ever created, this Registry is designed to attract you to businesses whose owners are committed to a world of inclusion, integrity, service, and altruism.

This is how it works. Just sign in by creating an account. There is no cost to visit or to use this Registry. We just need to confirm that you are a real person. When our app is ready to go, you will be invited to download it onto your phone. When you visit and do business with our Kind Servers, you earn points that can be exchanged for Prizes and Surprises. It isn't complicated.

Every place where you do business, be it in person, by phone, or online, no matter how much money you spend, earns you 10 points which is equivalent to a $10 value from Prizes and Surprises. The value of every prize is at least $50 and will be listed accordingly. You may visit 4 of our Kind Servers, earn 40 points, and then see a $60 prize that you want. Bring your business to 2 more Kind Servers on our Registry to earn 20 more points and you may claim your prize. Reasonable shipping costs will be charged for prizes that cannot be emailed or picked up. As this Registry grows, everyone will want to check Prizes and Surprises every day to see what gifts have been added as gifts from countries throughout the world will be offered.

When our Treasure Hunts begin, one for every state and eventually in every country where Kind Servers have enrolled, using your app will make you eligible to receive clues to the treasures. There will be more information available on these Treasure Hunts in 2020.

On this Registry you are sure to find products and services you can buy just about anywhere. What sets all of us apart, however, is the dedication to sacrificial service, kindness to you and to your friends and families, and fun, prizes, and surprises for all who participate.

The Count on Kindness
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